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Ted Hughes, Henry Lawson, Hilaire Belloc, Mary Oliver, PB Shelley, Ian McMillan, ee cummings…just some of the poets read aloud and appreciated this evening by a group of like-minded souls.

henry lawson

Yes. This really happened tonight. 2014. North Shields. No football. No other distractions. Nine of us around tables piled with poetry pamphlets, collections and anthologies.

We noticed threads linking the poems we shared as well as the more obvious links between us (bibliophilia & Tynemouth Market for starters).

Enlightening, lively conversation between wonderful poems with tea and coffee thrown in. Oh yes and writing this blog meant I had to find a photo of Henry Lawson. Didn’t he own a splendid moustache?

I’ve teamed up with Happy Planet Creative Arts CIC and run these poetry appreciation evenings in The Mission, North Shields. The next one is on Tuesday July 1st. For more information and to book a place please visit

Here’s a picture of one of tonight’s guests, David Franks. This photo was taken at Sunday’s Tynemouth Station Book Fair. We share the same taste in hats as well as a love of books.

2014-06-15 16.12.46

Yesterday I caught the last night at The Customs House, South Shields of Kirsten Luckins’ touring….what to call it? Poetic one woman play, spoken musical, acted stanzas?

I’m struggling to find the right words because The Moon Cannot Be Stolen is so fresh, so thought-provoking, so witty, so clever, so touching.

Kirsten is the North East co-ordinator for Apples & Snakes and if it wasn’t for her work in that role, I wouldn’t be out and about sharing my poems with audiences.

She has a way of coaxing strong, authentic performances out of wee timorous poets clutching their files of poetry. I know because I was one of them.

I am so pleased she is sharing her amazing work with more and more audiences. She is a powerful, inspiring performer.

I hope this short Northern tour is not the end of the line for The Moon Cannot Be Stolen.

Check out the show’s blog for more info

kirsten moon

Ask any specialist dealer of art, antiques or books and they’ll tell you that finding a hidden gem is far more thrilling and inspiring than selling one. The excitement is in the hunt.

You turn up at a house call, an auction, a car boot sale, a sleepy market town’s antiques centre and you have optimism in your heart and money burning a hole in your pocket. What will you find? Original art, rare books? Who knows…but there’s no way you’re going home empty-handed!

I source the second hand books I sell at Tynemouth market from a variety of channels and yes, I have shelves of books I can’t quite let go of…yet! I have to enjoy them for a while.

Take this edition of Flying Saucer Review from 1984. The cover is better than the story, believe me. I’m sure I’ll sell it at some point but for now I’m enjoying the cover. I hope you do too.

Flying Saucer Review 001

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