Here’s Harry! The busiest poet I know!

Jennifer C. Wilson

Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to the blog Harry Gallagher, a good friend from Elementary Writing Group, and a very busy poet…

Harry performingThanks for joining my today Harry! Tell me about your current collection.
Chasing The Sunset is a pamphlet published this year by Black Light Engine Room Press. It’s a collection of poems with quite an unusual overall theme for me, in that there is stuff in it I think is quite exposing – affairs of the heart!  It’s not all on the same theme (I do like a bit of light and variety) but it has quite a dark heart – poems in it that I’ve still never read to a live audience, even after touring it!  It’s also split into seasons, starting in Summer, progressing through Autumn’s decay and the freeze of Winter, before finding an optimistic ending in the renewal of Spring.  It’s really about survival…

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