This blog is by my cousin Karen’s son, Ross Punton. Thanks for writing it, Ross x

Then and Now Through an Aspergers Eye

B317C51A-46BF-49B8-BCF4-F61DDF94DC10This post is about someone special to me my mam. Dad I can read your mind if your reading this you’ll get your own post dedicated to you soon 🙂 The above image is me and my mam on my birthday last year. I won’t tell you how old I was if you want read my profile but I’m not saying.

Joking aside it was a wonderful party a milestone age. I was only expecting a few friends but virtually everyone I know  turned up fulfilling a lifelong secret wish of mine for a surprise birthday party. While I knew there was a party it still counts due to not knowing scale. I’m counting it!!!

Anyway it was a wonderful party all my friends and family were there and I spent the whole night trying to thank everyone equally it was really humbling thanks mam and dad for such a…

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