station masterWhen is a poetry appreciation group not a poetry appreciation group? When it’s attended by the amazing range of folk who choose to join us for Poetry with Friends in Whitley Bay!

Poetry with Friends started life after a conversation with artist Gail Curry who runs Happy Planet Creative Arts CIC. We started one group as an experiment to see if other folk like poetry like wot we do. Two years on we run two groups but find membership between the two is fluid. Several bods choose to attend Thursday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

poets at WBMore “life appreciation” than “poetry appreciation” it’s what we talk about in between the poems that makes these sessions magical but let’s not forget the poets. In the past few months we’ve shared and enjoyed work by writers including John Clare, Charles Simic, W.H. Auden, Mary Oliver, Thomas Hardy, Charles Causley, Maura Dooley, Ian McMillan, G.M. Hopkins, e.e. cummings, Miroslav Holub, Christina Rossetti, T.S. Eliot, John Masefield, Philip Larkin, Clive James, Martin Figuera, Emily Dickinson plus poems by over 50% of the participants.

We currently run two fortnightly  Poetry with Friends groups. One is on a Thursday morning in Whitley Bay libray and the other is on a Tuesday evening in  the Big Local Shop in Whitley Bay. For more information on the groups please visit our website