ELAINE 8aWelcome to dipdoomagazoo, where I blog and post details of forthcoming gigs, workshops and publications. I live and work in Whitley Bay and have my fingers in several creative pies. These include Happy Planet Creative Arts CIC and  The North Tyneside Writers’ Circle.


My latest book is The Princess of Felling.  You can buy the book online from my Etsy store and my publisher’s eBay shop, Once the lockdown is lifted I hope you will be able to buy it in person from Cogito Books in Hexham, Newcastle’s City Library, Felling Volunteer Library, Gateshead Central Library, Happy Planet Studio and Gallery 3A Ilfracombe Gardens, Whitley Bay, NE26 3ND.

 Sadly all my planned workshops and gigs have been cancelled due to COVID-19. I hope we can reschedule them for 2021.Take care and stay safe.


Churchill Playing Fields, NE26 summer 2019. Photo credit CS